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  • Email marketing is a process of sending commercial messages to potential and current customers through email. It is an efficient and effective way to reach out to your audience, and it can be used to build relationships, drive sales, and encourage customer loyalty.
  • With email marketing, you can send targeted and personalized messages to your customers and prospects, and you can do it at scale. You can also automate your email marketing campaigns, so you can free up your time to focus on other tasks. Plus, with email marketing, you can track your results and get valuable insights into your customers’ behavior.
  • If you’re not already using email marketing to promote your business, now is the time to start. Here’s everything you need to know about our email marketing packages and what The Print Shop can offer your business


  • Die Cutting
  • Foiling
  • Laminating
  • Book Binding
  • Punching
  • CNC Routing
  • Industrial Cutting
  • Wallpaper Installation