Training Manuals

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  • Catalogs of products
  • Manuals for training, instructions, policies, and procedures

Share information about your business, products, services, and related content with professional booklets.

At The Print Shop, we pay utmost attention to all the details when designing, printing, and producing booklets, catalogs, training manuals, and other documents for your personal and professional needs. Our stellar print quality, high quality papers and detailed finishing processes are sure to be an impeccable way of producing your documents.




Training Manuals are highly visible.

Training manuals are great for keeping information visible. Post them on a wall, place them on a table or give them to employees to read at their desks. Printed manuals are also easy to reference. Instead of thumbing through digital files, employees can easily flip through the pages of a printed training manual to find what they need.

Training Manual are easy to reference.

Training Manuals are great for sharing information that will be referenced regularly. They can include details such as contact information, industry standards, company policies and safety procedures. Printed manuals make it easy for employees to find the information they need and refer back to it as needed.

Training Manual materials can stay with employees after training is completed.

Employees may not be able to access digital training materials after they’ve completed their training. Printed training materials can stay with employees and be referred to frequently. This can help employees stay current on information and remain compliant with company policies and procedures.

Training Manual materials can be used as a foundation for digital learning materials.

Training Manuals offer an opportunity to test employees’ knowledge and assess their needs. Once this information is gathered, you can build upon it to create digital training materials that are more interactive, engaging and accessible for employees.

Printed Training Manuals are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Training manuals can be ordered in bulk and reused year after year, which makes them cost-effective. They are also eco-friendly. Employees can easily scan printed training materials and save them to digital files. This allows you to track employees’ progress and provide access to training materials when and where employees need them.


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Water Bottle – Metallic

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Water Bottle – Metallic – Microwave – safe water bottle labels printed to any shape or size with a full quality. Our water bottle labels are made to impress

Flip Calendar (13 pages)

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This is the perfect way to promote your brand! The Flip Calendar features 13 pages, one for each month of the year. It's easy to display on any wall or office space. Plus, it makes a great gift for clients, employees, and more.

Acrylic Prints – Wall Mounted

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Step into a world of elegance and sophistication with our exquisite collection of Acrylic Products. Crafted with precision and care, these products are not just functional but also a statement piece in any space. Acrylic is an alternative way to display your prints for maximum depth and vibrancy. Colours are illuminated and intensified in a modern way to transform your interior space and provide a high definition gallery feel. Acrylic Prints provides dimension and durability and is ideal for: Wall art and decor. Personal photo gifts. Fixed signage.


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Personalised snow globes are great as gifts, souvenirs and collectibles for any occasion. Whether its snow or glittering hearts, we have the perfect globe for you: A globe with classic snowflakes, perfect for Christmas. A globe with snow and red hearts, perfect for Valentines Day. At The Print Shop, we pay utmost attention to all the details when making your snow globe. Our stellar print quality and detailed processes are sure to be an impeccable way of customising your items. Size options available Our oval snow globes are 62 x 70 mm, and have space for two photos, one on each side. Type of media used Snow globes are plastic with a clear base and globe. It is filled with water and confetti snow or hearts. Photo inserts are printed on high quality 250 gsm paper stock.

Die Cut Packaging

Die Cut Packaging is a little peculiar when it comes to packaging. It’s not as simple as being able to have any old box or tin with a hole cut in the side to display your produce.